Slanted ocean.


Here are some of my favourite websites:

The Halifax Media Co-op and Media Co-op network
An innovative co-operative model of news gathering, focusing on grassroots, un(der)reported news from Nova Scotia and across Canada, respectively. Consider taking out a membership. 
Chelsea Vowel, a Cree/Metis writer living in Montreal, writes clearly and accessibly about Aboriginal issues in Canada. Her site has a very helpful “Indigenous Issues 101” section.
Doug Nesbitt and David Bush write about labour issues in Canada in the context of labour’s broader mandate of creating a better society.
Joe is a teacher from Alberta and probably my favourite Canadian blogger on education issues of late.

Lois Weiner’s blog on New Politics.
Dr. Weiner is a longtime teacher, professor and teacher union activist. If you’re interested in how teacher unions can work for social justice I strongly recommend reading her book The Future of Our Schools as a first step.

Diane Ravitch’s blog
Ravitch is currently the best-known opponent of corporate education reform in the U.S. She blogs frequently and eloquently.

Jacobin Magazine
Concise, insightful and important commentary on labour and other social movements in the U.S. and sometimes beyond.

The Education for Liberation Network 
A network of progressive educators from around the U.S. which, among other things, organizes the Free Minds, Free People conference.

Teacher Solidarity
A great news source keeping track of educational battles against neoliberal education reform around the world.

Frosted Education
A blog by Nova Scotia teacher and NSTU activist Grant Frost.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives–Nova Scotia
The CCPA-NS puts out an alternative provincial budget every year, which includes creative suggestions for raising revenue and investing in public services.

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